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PHI Patient Navigation is a proven transfer center system with leading-edge technology, strategic advanced analytics, and highly skilled clinicians to provide a fully branded, customer model which yields increased predictability, consistency, and stabilization of patient flow. In a tough environment in which hospital systems are struggling to meet their budgets, we take what you have right now and turn it into a profitable entity. Our goal is simple. We are the revenue-generating partner that helps your team do what they do best: patient care. 







PHI Patient navigation

At PHI Patient Navigation, we set our standards high: we are the problem-solvers, the thought leaders and the driving force behind the evolution of our industry. We are not simply a vendor, we are the “go-to” strategic partner that our customers can trust. Pushing the limits of what transfer centers can be, we are here to help you do your job better — in a way that’s completely you.

We offer six unique services to meet your Patient Navigation needs:

Calls Per Month

Average Answering Time in seconds


Call Abandonment Rate

Swift Admit™

Our clinically-trained Access Specialists will facilitate transfers across all service lines, including behavioral health.

24/7 Service Line

Get the most comprehensive customer service and technical support in the industry at any time of day or night. 

After-hours Assist™

Evening and overnight support for bed management, case management or physician scheduling to eliminate interruptions in accessibility.

FLYPHI Application

Our integrated, real-time logistics system streamlines information input to save valuable time and improve operations.

Discharge Direct™

Activates post-discharge patient callbacks to help mitigate readmissions.

Ask an RN™

Serves as a traffic controller to be proactive in directing patients to the most appropriate level of care or answering questions they may have.

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We understand that time is of the utmost importance when trying to find a receiving physician and tertiary care hospital for your patient. While transfer center services everywhere are providing one-step, quick solutions to hospitals’ transfer needs, we know that there is so much more that we can do for you beyond one phone call. 


It's a simpler process for your team


It's higher revenue for your organization


It's better care for your patients


It's innovation that's changing the game